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Games, Dogs and Me
Me and the new puppy
Me and Wolfgar, now at rest
Me and the kids
Me and Grimwolf
Glacier and Grimwolf
Me, picking up a new family member, Grimwolf, Late Summer 2012
The new puppy, Grimwolf, Fall 2012
Grimwolf and Glacier, Late Fall 2012
On a trip to my folks, this is a nice marsh/pond that is their back yard.  5/13/12
Farkas, my beta character in the secret world MMO, 5/12
Ulfr and Erik the Slayer go shopping in Solitude, from SKyrim, 2012
Every day me, 5/13/12
Dogs about to go swimming, 5/13/12
At the beach with Wolfgar and Glacier, 3/2012 (that week we had 80 degree weather, in March!)
Baby Charr, GW2, 3/2012
In my new Skyrim T-Shirt, 4/2012
Me and my truck :)
A hairy gamer!
Wolfgar hiding from a storm
RIFT: Ulfr at the Tavern
RIFT: Ulfr and Wolfgar in Moonshade Highlands
My favorite game ever
Best friends :)
Wolfpack - Glacier, Wolfgar and Grimwolf (the truck)
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