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Kveldulfr who lost his clothes playing dice.
Kveldulfr and Stenvar
Kveldulfr on the Kilkreath Balcony
Grimwolf Nightblade
Varg the Hero
Varg and Farkas
Ulfr practicing fighting with a raccoon :)
Ulfr in quest dialogue, GW2
Close up of Kveldulfr GW2
Creating Kveldulfr in GW2
Ulfr, Thief in GW2
Kveldulfr, Ranger in GW2
Ulfr in Skyrim, on the deck of his house in Riften.
Ulfr on his horse in RIFT
Ulfr from KoA, Cinematic shot
Ulfr Bjorn and Erik the Slayer, Skyrim
Ulfr from Kingdoms of Amular
Kveldulf, DAO
Anders and Ulfr, DA2
Ulfr, RIFT
Dracos, Fallout New Vegas
Butchmor, WOW
Montage of my characters
Kveldulf, SIMS Medieval
Ulfr, warrior in Skyrim
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