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Dhruin November 30th, 2010 23:07

Winter Voices - Review @ The Examiner
The Examiner has reviewed the first episode of Winter Voices, finding it a compelling experience. It's worth noting Beyond the Pillars has tweaked the game recently and this version may be different to previous reviews that received harsher treatment (or not). The score is 4/5 and here are two clips:

Combat is turn based, and you must balance your use of movement points, psyche points (Mana), and Energy Points (Health) to succeed. Basically, on every turn you expend movement points to move, and Psyche Points to use abilities. You regenerate some energy, psyche, and movement points every turn.
There is plenty of combat in the game. However, the combat is scripted to occur at key points in the story. You don’t go wandering aimlessly into the woods looking for things to kill and loot. However, combat scenarios usually have varied goals, such as surviving for X number of turns or simply getting to a key point on the screen to escape. Some battles involve a little puzzle solving.

Even if you don’t care much for the game's abstract ideas or its lack of visceral appeal typical of the PC RPG genre, you might be surprised just how well the story keeps you going, fighting through “just one more battle” to see what your character learns about her father, herself, and her ultimate fate in the aftermath of his death. And this is just the first chapter in that story.
More information.

Alrik Fassbauer November 30th, 2010 23:07

Please correct the name to "Beyond the Pillars". Thanks.

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