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Dhruin March 3rd, 2007 17:33

RPG Vault - Developers @ GDC #1
It's heading into that time of the year and RPG Vault again has a piece that chats with various developers about their GDC plans. The responses are mostly predictable, with paragraph-long answers from the likes of Cyanide (Loki) and several MMO developers.
More information.

jcompton March 3rd, 2007 17:33

Nobody asked (sniff), but three Broken Hourglass developers will be attending: myself, one of our designers, and our musician. My expectations are pretty managed (I've been to dozens of trade shows of various industries) but I expect it will be worthwhile.

magerette March 3rd, 2007 18:17

Don't feel bad—at least I've heard of Broken Hourglass and Planewalker Games. Unlike the rest of those guys—I'm sure they're all worthy professionals, and many of them make games outside my area of interest, but I couldn't say I'd ever run across any of them (beyond what's been posted here about Loki).

Have fun in San Francisco and I second the Anchor Steam beer idea.:cool:

Corwin March 4th, 2007 00:42

Hey JC, we love you here and we're behind you 100%. Have a great time there and WOW them with Broken Hourglass. Just remember who your friends are when you're famous and rich!! :)

curious March 5th, 2007 21:36

@magerette-wow you like anchor steam beer? even though i'm past my drinking days, i still drink about a 6-pack and change a week. even here though anchor steam is rarely on sale unlike alot of other local breweries. i ocassionally partake in its greatness especially if i can get it on tap. in some ways its a bonus of seeing lots of concerts in san fran, but since i'm usually the one driving…

magerette March 5th, 2007 21:46

Touring the Anchor Steam Brewery was one of the high points of my days in San Francisco x_x —it was kind of like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory—we got little samples. Back then, it wasn't available anywhere else. I've heard there are a few pubs here that have it on tap, but I don't make the rounds like I used to. ;)

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