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Myrthos April 18th, 2013 19:10

Original Sin - Update #18, Community Input
In update #18 for the Original Sin Kickstarter it is explained why community feedback is so important to Larian Studios. A new creature is in the game because of that and the lighting schem is changed as well. Also Kirill will be on twitch tv in less than two hours from now and there are 3000 Facebooks likes now, so that means there will be 3 encounters with Bellegar in the game.
Here is something about the new burning zombies:

The following message was sent to Swen, and unfortunately, it will not be implemented as a surprise, it will just be implemented.
"Sorry for two PM's in one day, this idea I want hidden and made as a surprise if you like it enough to implement.
(…) fire can burn the skin off a zombie and they become a skeleton. When they became a skeleton, their traits and attack methods changed to that of a skeleton. Their HP remained where it was from the initial attack of the fire or previous attacks. The fire would simply burn off their skin over a few attack rounds (…)
Since so much detail has gone into this, that would be interesting to have implemented."
Thanks to this successful Kickstarter, we can give monsters more interesting behaviours, more specific attacks and powers (and weaknesses), so why not create this effect for the zombies? As it turns out, an unknown scribe had already reported on this in his "Source User's Guide To Adventuring". What a coincidence!

More information.

Gorath April 18th, 2013 19:10

Watching Kirill's concert now. Good stuff. :)

SirJames April 18th, 2013 20:00

For those who missed it you can watch the recording of Kirils concert at


(You have to skip in a little for it to start. Brief spoken intro @ 4:20, music starts @ ~6:30)

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