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Couchpotato February 14th, 2014 15:29

Legends of Eisenwald - Quick Look @ Softpedia
Softpedia takes a look at Legends of Eisenwald with a video, and a short preview.


The best thing about Legends of Eisenwald is that it feels unique, like its own game and not just a rip-off of a better title, its world is interesting enough to warrant exploration and the gameplay is enjoyable from the get-go. It feels fresh and it offers a different perspective on the strategy role playing game genre, showing the potential to grow into a solid piece of entertainment.

More information.

you February 14th, 2014 15:29

Has anyone actually played; any comments ? The video makes the TBS seem very slow paced.

rjshae February 14th, 2014 22:08

It wasn't clear whether being in a castle has any combat benefit. Also, the player didn't seem to make use of his back row, which are presumably the spell casters. Still it looked interesting.

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