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May 8th, 2009, 00:58
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Problem with Runescape is that 99% of the population is like 13 years old (at least it seemed so to me). In ATITD it's much more mature, although definitely not nearly as populated (being a non-combat MMO you can see why).
That problem that you perceive isnt really so when you play it solo or with a friend, as I do. Especially if youre in it for the crafting, you dont have to even communicate w/ anyone else, ever. There can be competition for resources when a server is heavy population, but that's anywhere. The only thing that you really need other players for is to selling and buying items at the auction house, which is all done 3rd party so you dont have to even deal w/ anyone else directly.

I dont dislike people - I just like them better when theyre not around
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