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May 28th, 2009, 13:22
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One of the many things I've learned is that software development is more art than science and does not lend itself well to off-shoring like a much more literal pursuit, such as manufacturing, does. I imagine this is even more so in highly creative conditions such as game software development.
I have to disagree. I've been managing software projects for over a decade as well. Software development is a skill, it's not something everyone can do well (we agree on that part) and the people in India do have good skills. Their education system as far as software development goes is on par with ours and there are several CMM level 5 companies in India too (CMM is the capability maturity model for software and level 5 is the best you can become). We have done a lot of off-shoring to India and projects don't fail because of the lack of quality or skills those people have but because of bad project management from our side.
I don't know how good or bad the other games of Trine are ( but without more detailed information about what happened or how good Trine is as a development company I for the moment think that JoWood got exactly what they were willing to pay for.

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