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June 29th, 2009, 23:47
Sonny happens to be a big fan pf Pinocchio, and today I remembered that I own the DVD of Aldiss'/Watson's/Kubricks's/Spielberg's A.I., so I watched part of it together with Sonny.
I thought the flick was 'subterranean' (to use a Germanism) when I saw it for the first time: glaring logic holes regarding story and background (I mean, I knew the Aldiss story, but I'm talking about the movie here), incredible, unbearable pathos. But… this time around, I actually liked it. I mean, I knew what was coming, so I could watch it in a different way. All logic holes aside (my suspension of disbelief tends toward infinity… I usually believe it all, because I want to)… it was fun to watch!
And guess what? Sonny is in love with the nanny mecha.
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