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August 17th, 2009, 16:15
I could not imagine playing any TES mmo for years or months even. They would have to water down the quests to make them last longer and add massive amounts of grind to the levelling to stop people from achieving bests stats in few weeks of play.

After few months all the quests would be finished and people would just do somkind of deathmatch pvp and camp hot spots for uber-eq. Life is too short and valuable for that kind of gaming imho.

Two worlds actually has "mini"-mmo included into it. It has no subscription and its more like diabloesque experience. I havent tried it though because it doesnt seem to offer much over sp except break the immersion.

If Bethesda wants to make a mmo they really need to invent somthing new that will make the game last (or then just do TES theme park aka wow-clone). Simply glueing TES together with MMO would not work in the long term imho.

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