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August 26th, 2009, 05:44
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Finishing sooner because you feel the need to press on has nothing whatsoever to do with the length of the game, so your point is not logical.
You misunderstand my point, the player has no decision whatsoever in the "pressing on", its automated. For instance, I liked battling that boss, it was fun. I cannot go back and fight that boss battle 5 times because I liked it, the game auto saves me a checkpoint as soon as it's over. I think I could have done that entire section without getting hit, or i can do it without using any healthpacks. I end up playing a game until I'm satisfied with my experience, I'm not just heading hellbent to the end.

I guess I'm OCD in that way, but I find myself grinding extra hours out of a game far more doing that than not making the proverbial jump across the final chasm and being forced to replay an entire section.

so yeah, i end up breezing thru games like OVerlord because of systems like that, instead of savoring the thing and extending my gameplay im forced to carry on.

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