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September 8th, 2009, 01:27
Hi dteowner!

Thanks for mentioning Dreamgaze with Sincerity, I even downloaded Adobe FlashPlayer in order to be able to listen to it. :-)
Not bad, but a bit soporific compared to Within Temptation, if you don't mind me saying…

Yes, Jillian is a nice example of the thing you can expect from them I think but I'm definitely no expert, I'm more of a novice, a new fan… They consider themselves a symphonic rock/metal band. Without the Metropole Orchestra they sound smashing too but the orchestra (album Black Symphony) adds an extra touch of irresistibility to me. In spring '10 I'll see them live, a concert WITH the orchestra! :-)

Here are two (quiet) songs that are really lovely I think:

Somewhere - Within Temptation:
Forgiven - Within Temptation:

I'm glad you liked Jillian, maybe you'll like those two as well?

found this: Forgiven with the Metropole Orchestra. I think this next one, a live version, is better than the one mentioned above:

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