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Default Divine Divinity - Remastered Update

September 28th, 2009, 03:04
Thanks to Alrik for this update on the remastering of Divine Divinity from the official forums:
Thanks for the feedback so far everyone! I'm your friendly neighbourhood remasterer, and I have a couple of questions and remarks about the suggestions you guys (and girls) have made […]

- I can happily inform you that resolutions are no longer limited: you can play the game on any resolution that your video card supports, and I must say that it looks freakin' awesome!

- A number of skills have already been fixed or rebalanced, and some tooltips have been made a little clearer (for example, the tooltip for damage on the stats screen now shows a more elaborate breakdown of everything that contributes to your damage).

Please keep those suggestions and bugreports coming in!
More information.
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