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September 28th, 2009, 15:32
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I just wanted to clarify since many people said you could just save/reload I think some people will find the idea that you can't save and reload completely awful and drop the game off their radar…… but I think what most people do anyway is just load the latest save game, I think there are few players who would load a savegame several hours earlier in the game….. so it will not make a huge difference actually.
What I do usually is just use the quick-save/quick-reload but every few hours I save a separate slot for a few reasons:
- In case when I quicksave it's already too late (say, I press quicksave just as the killing blow is on the way, so when I reload I die anyway)
- In case when I quicksave it's past a point of no turning back
- In case the quicksave file gets corrupted and unusable
- Just before big decisions in the game, so I can come back later if I didn't like the decision I made or just to replay the game selecting the other option without having to repeat all the content before the save.
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