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Default The Official Recruitment Thread

October 27th, 2009, 11:40
Currently everyone working on the game have a lot to do, and the progess is not as fast as I want, so we are looking to expand the team with a few persons, so if you are skilled at or know anyone who is skilled at one of the following please contact me by PM or reply to this thread.

Sound & Music Composer
3d modeler
Texture Artist
Graphics & Shader programmer

If you feel you have time and want to contribute with something else, you can also contact me and we can see whatever it is working out or not.

Currenlty on the team:
Experianced and very skilled 3d modeler/animator
Game Engine/Graphics/AI/Interface programmers
Game Designer
Dialogue Writer
Level Designer

Any feedback welcome. The only requirement is that you love party based CRPGs.
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