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November 1st, 2009, 17:10
I can't answer on this correctly. Why? Ashbery mentioned BG2… I didn't reload just because I had a ressurection on main character (cleric) unless the damage on a party member was so big that resurrection was not possible.
Another example is PST - I never reloaded that one because of a NPC death. Not even because of a main character death.
However in some other games, for example Risen, I did reload if a neutral NPC died not just party member because I didn't know if that NPC will be a part of another (sub)quest later.

I simply won't vote here because it should state exactly which game(s) is the poll about.

But generally, I do reload if a NPC dies when I didn't want to get him/her killed and when I have no means to bring him/her back to life. Regular/habitual? Nah. Not my kind of stuff. I'd rather replay the whole game then repeat the same thing dozens of times all over again.
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