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February 2nd, 2010, 17:20
I frequent other fora where politics are discussed, and a thread about Osama bin Laden's take on climate change spurred an interesting development:

Originally Posted by Al Jazeera
Bin Laden deplores climate change

Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaeda leader, has condemned the US and other industrial economies, holding them responsible for the phenomenon of climate change.

In an audio tape obtained by Al Jazeera, bin Laden criticised George Bush, the former US president, for rejecting the Kyoto pact and condemned global corporations.

"This is a message to the whole world about those responsible for climate change and its repercussions - whether intentionally or unintentionally - and about the action we must take," bin Laden said.

"Speaking about climate change is not a matter of intellectual luxury - the phenomenon is an actual fact."
This turned into a discussion of Osama's viability as a presidential candidate based on his youtube releases:

Originally Posted by Poster1
Yet he's also very strong on the US economy, which is sure to be a big issue.

Bin Laden knows that if we continue our massive deficit spending it's going to lead to an economic collapse.
Originally Posted by Poster1
He's also the only candidate who has opposed both Bush and Obama openly.

And been against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This will only help him get elected.
Originally Posted by poster 2
osama could be a strong third party candidate. a robust record on family values, anti-nafta rhetoric, expertise on national security and green issues.
he could build a rainbow coalition of social conservatives, blue collar workers, ethnic minorities and environmentalists and be a significant spoiler candidate.
Originally Posted by Poster 1
Let's not forget he's very religious.

That will appeal to conservatives.

He's also a veteran.

The fact he has military experience makes him more qualified than both Palin and Obama to be Commander and Chief.
Originally Posted by Poster 2
he's got executive experience, true, yet he's not a "beltway insider".
Originally Posted by Poster 3
I bet he's strongly opposed to same-sex marriage, too.
Originally Posted by Poster 1
He's also one of the few people who helped Reagan crush the Soviet Union.

Should go well in his campaign ads in Red States.
Originally Posted by Poster 1
Mildly offensive?

The guy has a solid platform now.

All he needs is a solid VP candidate.

He could probably give Al Gore a call, since they both stand firm on climate change.


And his promisess on establishing peace in the Middle East and reducing our nuclear arsenal at the same time, while vague, appear genuine and would be a both be a boon.
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