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February 7th, 2010, 18:53
- Light cart of hay on fire, then push it down hill. A classic.

- Light straw roofs on fire with flaming arrows. "Everytime they film a Robin Hood movie they burn our village down!"

- Toss someone off of a building to be impaled on the roof spire of another, lower building. Or to go splat in the street down below. No magical barriers protecting the player.

- Setting trees on fire to burn out said Elven Archers. By the end of a day, the entire Elven forest will burn!

- Fastball Special. Tossing Dwarf or Halfling at an enemy. Would probably require making it so the player could have stupidly strong characters.

- Underwater stuff. Toss a fireball into the water to create a cloud of steam. Blast it with ice to freeze it and make a bridge (or kill/trap those in the water). Hit it with lightning to electrocute everyone in the water. And of course, give the player reason to swim underwater; with secret passages, sunken chests, and mermaids.

Is it a sign than practically half of what I came up with was using fire?

It was the night before Hogswatch…

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