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March 20th, 2010, 17:15
Can't let this thread slip off the front page while the Lefty Corruption one is tirelessly updated by our investigative staff.

I wasn't overly interested in the John Ensign scandal when it was just sex. Especially with the John Edwards baby daddy thing trumping it totally in pizazz. IMO way too much is made of politician's (and celebrities') straying from the straight and narrow. But this one has just tipped over into crooked politics and abuse of power areas, and the F.B.I. is getting involved:
It has to do with Ensign pushing his mistress's husband, his former campaign chief of staff, off into various lobbying jobs, and soliciting donations in return for favors:
From what emails and sources say, they were shopping Doug Hampton around, trying to get him jobs in exchange for silence. The senator would give Nevada companies help, but the overall message was to hire Hampton. $30,000 in donations to Republicans wouldn't hurt either.

Where there's smoke, there's mirrors.
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