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March 25th, 2010, 17:09
I'm surprised, dte. Normally you stand up for the truth whether it's always politically appropriate as a rightie or not, but we aren't talking about whether Obama is as bad as Bush but about threats of violence, ignorant racial slurs and inappropriate anti-social behavior. Are you condoning this stuff, along with your elected repubs in the House and Senate, saying its all deserved like the rape victim who wears the short skirt, or nitpicking on failed campaign promises while death threats are being made? Looks like the latter to me. Is it going to take someone getting assassinated for republicans to say this stuff should not be part of our politics?

@ rith: re:Lindsay Graham—was he able to stand up and stop some of the tantrum throwing? He's actually one of the few moderate repubs left, and I actually have more respect for him now than when I first came across him during the election. (Of course, his senate seat is in jeopardy because he's "too liberal.")

Nonetheless, most of the committee hearings yesterday, some of which like the Armed Services Committee hearing on north korea, had been set up for months and involved people traveling at great expense to appear, did not take place because repubs would not give the usual unanimous consent for them to proceed and thus wasted plenty of those tax payer dollars they normally are so concerned about.…-military.html
Broadband hearings were also canceled:…broadband-plan
Also transparerency hearings…bstructionism/
It's childish, and really illustrates that bipartisanship is completely impossible until the adult repubs come to the fore and start taking their job of working for the American people seriously.

Edit: Late to the party, as usual. Thanks for posting about the hearings in the Health Politics thread, Rith.

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