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March 25th, 2010, 18:08
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I'm surprised, dte. Normally you stand up for the truth whether it's always politically appropriate as a rightie or not, but we aren't talking about whether Obama is as bad as Bush but about threats of violence, ignorant racial slurs and inappropriate anti-social behavior. Are you condoning this stuff, along with your elected repubs in the House and Senate, saying its all deserved like the rape victim who wears the short skirt, or nitpicking on failed campaign promises while death threats are being made? Looks like the latter to me. Is it going to take someone getting assassinated for republicans to say this stuff should not be part of our politics?
Obviously I don't condone the excesses. There's really no reason to comment, I figured, because it's fairly obvious some folks are going way around the bend. Am I supposed to apologize for them? I suppose I can if that will make everyone happy. I do have some issue with papering 40% of America as loons based on the stupid actions of some few. If we do that, then y'all lefties should be apologizing constantly over the enviro-nuts that spike trees in logging zones. I don't see the point in expecting that from anyone, since I don't figure y'all condone that dangerous and potentially lethal behavior any more than I condone the loons on my side of the aisle.

OTOH, Since I do have problems with factually inaccurate inflammatory articles like Thrasher posted and quoted that do paper 40% of Americans (give or take) as crazy creeps (give or take), I think it's useful to highlight the easiest of the numerous logical fallacies in it to demonstrate that such papering is sloppy, misplaced, and hypocritical. He, as usual, has steadfastly dodged addressing the factual innaccuracies in his inflammatory article that loudly chastises me-n-mine for inflammatory behavior. He can't dismiss the source as biased like usual since it's his crappy source, so he simply won't acknowledge clear and simple evidence that it's crap. Doing so would force him to admit that perhaps 40% of Americans aren't quite as bad as he wants to portray, and that would really put an uncomfortable kink in his worldview.

Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
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