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March 26th, 2010, 10:57
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If we do that, then y'all lefties should be apologizing constantly over the enviro-nuts that spike trees in logging zones. I don't see the point in expecting that from anyone, since I don't figure y'all condone that dangerous and potentially lethal behavior any more than I condone the loons on my side of the aisle.
Except for one crucial distinction: in this case, the threats of violence, or implied violence, come from elected members of Congress and high officials of the Republican Party, not some random nuts spiking trees. I'm surprised you can't see the difference.

Your apparent inability to make this distinction, by the way, *does* suggest that up to 40% of Americans are either dangerous nutcases or their active sympathizers, since I would tend to consider your opinions as roughly representative of the Republican mainstream.
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