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March 26th, 2010, 16:16
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So then, was it a toxic environment when Jesse and Al were running their character assassination campaign on the Duke lacrosse team? Where was the democratic leadership saying that this was inappropriate to encourage racial hatred as they did? Where was the democratic leadership demanding an apology once the Duke team was vindicated? *crickets chirping*

That's right, folks. Y'all didn't do shit. You've got no legs to stand on now.
Did Jesse and Al call for violence, or use violent imagery in "character assassination campaign?" If so, what?

Honest question — "Duke lacrosse" rings some faint bells, but I really have no recollection what that was about; it probably didn't register very loudly on my radar.

In the time I've been following American politics, I have not seen rhetoric of this level, ever, from either side. I have seen such rhetoric elsewhere, though — specifically, in Lebanon: there it's quite common for politicians to characterize each other as traitors, criminals, and agents of foreign governments. Assassinations are also a regular occurrence.
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