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April 24th, 2010, 05:03
The problem with AC in DDO is that you need some 40-50 at level 10. 90-100 by 20. And getting there is very difficult, even with buffs, for anyone not so hardcore that they level from 1 to 20 in a week. We're talking running Shroud 4000 times to craft the perfect armor, knowing all the exploits for AC (stacking Dodge bonuses, Monk splash for Wis to AC) etc…

Peter should try a Druid. Wait, there aren't any…

I was planning on my Cleric from the get go, and was quite happy except getting knocked flat twice by Kobold Shamans. Which resulted in my main weapon needing 2200gp in repairs(!). I plan on pushing her up to 7 over the week if possible, in order to pull a +2 tome that boosts all her stats up. After that, she's sidelined save for Fridays, until the guild hits 5/6, then I'll push her to 8 (which probably won't be much at that point anyway).

Now if DDO ever gets Druids, I'll be building one of them as soon as I can. I'm keeping a slot open for goof off builds like I've a habit to do, so that'll server for my desired Druid.

It was the night before Hogswatch…

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