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May 2nd, 2010, 01:42
LOL. It's the Aussie charm.

I don't know why it sucks for me. Hypnotize will work wonders, every time. So will Soundburst. But Charm, either does not work, or works so short a time that it wasn't worth the sp to cast. In most cases I've used it, I was better off firing a Hypnotize instead, then bashing in some brains. Soundburst is better for knocking out casters, but I can still hit it reliably on non-casters.

As a note, since I made her as a vet build, I skipped CLW entirely. Got Expeditious Retreat for until I get Haste (next level I think, depends on how many level 3 picks I get) instead. +25% move speed is nice, though I'll swap it out later for something else. I have CMW for my healing.

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