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May 4th, 2010, 19:31
This is actually not funny, or only funny in a "Through the Looking Glass' bizarro world way, but I thought there might be some humor for some of the regulars in me actually agreeing with Glenn Beck—I know— Stop the world and let me off! Serious serious crazy, but there it is:…_n_562467.html
On how terrible it would be if the NYC SUV suspect had his Miranda rights read to him:
That both McCain and King would so quickly condemn the idea of reading Miranda rights is a reflection of just how far the Republican Party has moved away from a basic element of law enforcement (used often by, among others, the Bush administration's Department of Justice). The suspect, after all, is an American citizen. And in an unexpected moment of dissension, the two lawmakers found themselves on the opposite end of the argument from no less a conservative voice than Beck.

"He is a citizen of the United States, so I say we uphold the laws and the Constitution on citizens," the …Fox News host said to the stunned co-hosts of "Fox and Friends". "If you are a citizen, you obey the law and follow the Constitution. [Shahzad] has all the rights under the Constitution. We don't shred the Constitution when it is popular," Beck added. "We do the right thing."
I guess even Beck can have a moment of clarity from time to time. God it hurts to say that.

Edit: on reflection, this has to be a simple aberration. No one can eradicate the amount of crazy Beck displays with one sentence of sanity. phew—for a moment there, my entire belief system was crumbling…

Where there's smoke, there's mirrors.
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