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May 5th, 2010, 22:54
Thanks for the reassurance.

Okay, I'm posting this as humor because frankly I could care less about how and who with people spend their bedroom time, but as both a fan of irony and critic of hypocrisy, especially when combined at this order of magnitude, I can't ignore this one:
Anti-Gay Leader Caught with Male Prostitute(Talking Points Memo
When George Alan Rekers, a cofounder along with James Dobson of the Family Research Council…was caught walking off a plane from Europe with a young male prostitute, he first insisted that he didn't know the young man was an escort until halfway through their 10-day vacation.

"I had surgery," Rekers told the Miami New Times, which broke the story yesterday, "and I can't lift luggage. That's why I hired him."

Rekers had hired the escort, dubbed "Lucien" by the New Times, through the website (NSFW), a popular site that hosts ads for gay male escorts. There's little mistaking what the site is for.
Deciding that the luggage line wasn't quite cutting it, he then switched to the Jesus line:
But he later told another blogger that he was simply trying to save his friend by "lovingly" sharing the message of Jesus, as he had done with other "sexual sinners."
Actually, I guess this would all be more humorous if it wasn't so sad.

Where there's smoke, there's mirrors.
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