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May 25th, 2010, 18:11
Hmm, I don't remember anything like that. I suppose the second world could be the little dream nexus areas where the main character talks to his sister. I enjoyed Two Worlds, but it is so much less than Oblivion I can't believe anyone would seriously compare the two. Gothic 3, though I personally didn't finish, makes more sense in comparing to Oblivion.

TW was an Oblivion wannabe. TW2 probably will turn out to be an Oblivion wannabe also. The TW-devs sure brought up Oblivion a LOT in their discussions. Too bad TW never really could get their mod community going. If some English-1st folks could have edited the dialogue and wrote some good quests for the game, TW might be a good competitor with the big O.

Gothic 3 was just more polished overall than TW. All that said, I'm certainly looking forward to their second effort. It certainly was worth the money I paid for the game.

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