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May 26th, 2010, 15:24
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Comments I've read have been broadly positive. It seems to take people a mission or two to get past their action-game expectations and settle in to the RPG landscape but I think it bodes fairly well. It does seem to take a little while to get over the initial impression and expectations, though.

Comments from Denny Atken, editor at

Well, honestly, I haven't gotten that far into it past the training and into the first major operation. My initial reaction, based on the 2008-level graphics and the "I thought we decided last year that we didn't like these any more" hacking puzzles, was kinda "meh." But once I put a few hours into it, the gameplay's a lot of fun BioWare-ish character interactions, better shooter/stealth gameplay than the BioWare games, and I see tons of potential for customizing your character's play style down the road.

My co-host has played well over a dozen hours and absolutely loves it. Says the missions have been really great and the ability unlocks make for a very interesting game.

I have to put a lot of hours into it this week as it's our Insider Moves show on LIVE next week, so I'll have a more solid opinion in a couple of days.
Certainly more positive than the stuff I've been reading, so that's great
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