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June 16th, 2010, 01:41
1. This is a nonsequitar.
2. Lab and field studies are all that's needed to show that increases in ozone cause increased respiratory illness. It's a well-accepted fact.

Here's one of many studies:…full/153/5/444

3. This is another nonsequitar.
4. You're missing the point, I believe, perhaps due to my poor summary. Higher temperatures increase the number of allergens and pathogens in the air and outdoor environments, and since we all have to go outside sometimes…. Well I hope you can see the line of reasoning.

Here's more in the report I didn't have time to get to earlier regarding larger scale environmental effects like coastal flooding:

Air Pollution Is Reasonably Anticipated to Endanger Public Welfare
1. … "the body of evidence points towards increasing risk of net adverse impacts on U.S. food production and agriculture, with the potential for significant disruptions and
crop failure in the future."
2. … "greenhouse gas air pollution endangers U.S. forestry in both the near and long term"
3. "The adequacy of water supplies across large areas of the country is at serious risk from climate change."
4. "The evidence on risk of adverse impacts for coastal areas from
sea level rise provides clear support for finding that greenhouse gas air pollution endangers the welfare of current and future generations."
5. "Climate change presents risks of serious adverse impacts on public welfare from the risk to energy production and distribution as well as risks to infrastructure and settlements."
6. "Greenhouse gas air pollution leads to predominantly negative consequences for biodiversity and the provisioning of ecosystem goods and services for ecosystems and wildlife important for public welfare in the U.S., both for current and future generations."
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