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July 9th, 2010, 05:10
It's definitely not using the normal game's stats. I played through this for about 15 hours over the last few days and the combat is seriously in the monster's favor. I read through the patch notes and the guy has increased the difficulty in combat. It makes the game very frustrating. I'd suggest skipping this until he tweaks it back. I just started playing on an emulator and the combat is MUCH easier.

Version 1.0.08 (Mon. May 24, 2010)
- Monsters now appear on dungeon peer at gem/view spell displays.
- Improved monster move algorithm for dungeons.
- Magic Axes have an animation that shows them returning to their user.
- Ladder buffer overflow problem (climbing a ladder in LBC and holding down a movement key) is now fixed.
- Monster's no longer dissappear when crossing over the edges of the world map.
- Monsters will now follow a player's ship over the edges of the world map.
- Talk Help text is now triggered with -1, and Spell Summary with -2. (fixes an incompatibility with IE Browsers)
- Players can now shoot over sleeping party members.
- Players can now shoot through all ship walls. (Previously the 'angled' walls blocked player's shots)
- Dungeon monsters will now chase players through dungeon halls.
- Resurrect can no longer be cast during combat.
- Fixed some problems on the start up menu when you are creating your character and then pressing the mouse button.
- Monsters are now much tougher.

The guy missed the point of the game. It's not about the combat. It's about becoming virtuous and being an example.
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