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August 18th, 2010, 19:04
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I love Dungeon Master's dungeon a lot but Risen's, from the underground areas I played, were more like an action RPG iirc. What is it with the constant stream of RPG's that are designed around a constantly scrolling landscape instead of a well designed area that can be taken more slowly, be absorbing and more memorable with creative puzzles?
I'm not really sure about this.

PB strikes me as a bunch of artists, but maybe they're simply not good at dungeon design?

I mean, in my world - you only include a dungeon if you take the concept to its fullest. Otherwise, just focus on what you're good at - and in this case, it would be more overland areas.

Anyone having played D&D in their youth, should have a decent understanding of what makes dungeon exploring so fascinating. Risen definitely missed out on that aspect, as did all their other games.
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