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Default This game is starting to turn me off…..I must be doing someting wrong.

September 30th, 2010, 19:55
The combat seems clunky….I've tried to like this game and in all honestly I still do. I mean, it's like oblivion on steroids. It's just that the melee seems off. When I'm swinging my sword animals can lunge at me without gettting hit. At the beginning if I see more than 1 animal I give a sigh and pass by them. When I shoot my arrows they can be on target and still not hit the NPC. I can see them hit, but still nothing. Once you get hit by whatever you're fighting theres no hope. I wouldn't mind that as long as there was some sort of method to melee. It doesn't help that the load screen takes longer than 2 minutes to load.

Someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong b/c I really still like this game and more than likely will keep playing until I get to a very deep breaking point.
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