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November 28th, 2010, 02:25
I played on the console and found the targeting systemto be a bitch. I played a mage and frequently my spells were cast at a different person than the one I thought I was targeting, making it overly complicated to win some of the battles.

I too switched to easy on occasion because even when I did target everyone correctly it was impossible for me to win some battles. Only after I've concluded more than half of the game I got the right spells to win battles like these. Throw a fireball to knock them over, followed by an area spell that interrupted their spellcasting and often killed most of them. If you have a mage in your party then go for the fireball spell and an area spell like inferno or blizzard.
I also found myself frequently using the cone of cold spell for more close range combat. The spell freezes opponents for a while, allowing to hurt them a lot before they unfreeze.

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