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Default How To Buy White Gold War In Paradise

January 24th, 2011, 03:34
NOTE to see the full original guide goto: DEAD LINK, SORRY!

This is an FAQ that contains information on how to buy White Gold War in Paradise and how to properly apply the patches.

Patches are located here:…n_paradise.php -Disk Version Patch and Translation Mod
DEAD LINK, SORRY! -Disk Version Patch -Diskless Version Patch - For some reason the guy at patches scrolls never returned my emails when I requested him to upload it on his site some time ago…

How to tell if your game is patched(?):
This is not 100% for sure but it gave me good indication as to whether my game was patched or not.
On a clean install of version 1.0 of the game, my White gold directory contained 4 (or so, cant quite remember) folders. Patched it contains 13 folders and works correctly with starforce.

Sources to buy a copy:
Ebay (ask Val for link) for DISK versions (unclear about version and legitimacy) for version 1.0 DISKLESS
$9 from…BE%D1%82%D0%BE version 1.0 DISKLESS
and if you can find one within the CIS thats Boxed/Jewel Case/DVD case version 1.0 DISK
And most recently from GamersGate with poor quality English localization and probably not worth the $30 version 1.0 (DISKLESS I presume)

HOW TO BUY from outline:

Find Xenus 2 White Gold on site

Hover over price and choose MC/Visa option and select

NOTE: I have experienced a message in the buying process from that says :
"Xenus 2: Белое золото" is area-dependent item. You can get it only if you are located in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldavia, Russian Federation, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan. If you are located outside of these countries, please click button "Cancel". Yes, I am located on the territory of of one of listed countries [] (check box)

Click the check box saying I am located in one of those countries. It has no affect on you getting your game or not. You will get your game.

Enter your information and let the transaction go through.

When you see a box asking you to put in the check amount for verification purposes, check your statement online or by phone (calling your credit card company) to get this sub dollar amount. You only have 10 days to do this plus limited number of tries before your account freezes!! It has to be in USD or RUB, so most likely USD if you use Credit card.

Once check amount is entered you will be given the option to download and an email is sent to you with your starforce key. The yuplay option to downlad is the fastest.

*NOTE* you get three activations and unlimited deactivations. So before you switch OS or reformat your computer be sure to deactivate the game (For slow people, this means you can have the game installed on 3 different computers at once, but you will have to deactivate it from one if you want to put it on another).

INSTALL (next step see below)

Owners of Legit Boxed/Jewel Case/DVD copies (NOT FROM EBAY) that have a legit DISK

Install game.
Install DISK version patch located here: DEAD LINK, SORRY!
or here:…
Install the English Translation Patch located here:…n_paradise.php
Optional: Install English cut scenes found in this thread:

Owners of a DISKLESS (download) version

Install game.
Run game and activate it. (may be already activated from a current/previous install)
Install the DISKLESS version of the patch located here:
Install English Translation patch located here:…n_paradise.php
Optional: Install English cut scenes found in this thread:

Owners of Ebay DISK version have been having trouble with starforce. If it can ever be clear what version this copy is (1.0.1, 1.0, Diskless or disk version) apply accordingly

Install game
If you patch with disk version of the patch you may get a starforce error, so try the diskless patch as you may have a legit copy of the download version and a real true serial number.
Install english Translation patch located here:…n_paradise.php
Optional: Install English cut scenes found in this thread:

Owners of a GamersGate (download) version

Install game.
Apparently there are issues with starforce. Read thread on DS forums.
Maybe try to install the DISKLESS version of the patch located here:
There are also sound issues that can be resolved by viewing this thread:

Patch 1.1 Change Log
List of changes and fixes:
- Optimized rendering of grass using instansinga;
-Fixed some minor graphical issues;
- Fixed provaly FPS in certain areas of the game world;
- Fixed bug with installation of empty windows on the screen perks;
- Now more common among merchants kolimator for AK47
- Fixed a mission to steal the documents for the don Guillermo "Working under the guise of";
- Made improvements to the range of missions for the Don Guillermo and his henchmen;
- Fixed changing relations with the factions at work on smugglers Espada;
- Fixed the mission about a vase that has been selected by bandits of the old man, Alberto - now just a marker pointing to the place where you have to get to the shore;
- Fixed the mission "Beer for Russia";
- Fixed the mission "Get 10 doses of powder" - now in describing the mission correctly stated the number of doses;
- Fixed the mission with the shooting of Rupert;
- Improved functionality of some perks;
- Improve the balance of objects falling from the corpses of enemies;
- On the sunken galleon Fixed position chest, which was difficult to find;
- Fixed the mission Gilberto;
- Fixed last mission for Leonardas.
- Fixed the mission "A competing firm.
- Fixed the mission "The release of a smuggler."
- Fixed the mission "Eliminate Sergeant Crespo.
- Fixed dialogue Juarez after completing all the missions for him and save the old Diego.
- Fixed some minor bugs Level Design.
- Fixed problem when loading katstsen;
- Reduced running speed player
- Increased time that a player can run with stamina

Links to Translation Discussions
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