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March 30th, 2011, 14:16
Well, this isn't exactly Pricewatch … But rather the tale about an mistake I think I did …

I ask Okaysoft, who are known to also import games, whether they would import the game "Gods - Lands Of Infinity -Special Edition".

Now I got a reply that they would do so and that they just added it into their games importing database (I guess they did so just because I asked) - which means they would import and sell it.

But their price ! They charge 40 Euros for that game ! - And they mean the U.S. version (that's the version I had asked for, since this "Spcial Edition" is unavailable here in Germany). You can find it there under "alphabetisch", and then going to the letter of "G" …, however lists it for a lower price :…1482912&sr=1-1 In Euro, this price is 15,1503 Eurosm, currently … plus shpping fees and customs … I still wonder if the total sum should really be 40 Euros ??? Or are they trying to exploit me ?

I guess I should rather try importing it from Amazon UK, then :…483711&sr=1-14

Lesson learned : Importing games is a complex matter …
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