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April 8th, 2011, 06:39
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Like the "Earth" RTS developers suddenly beginning to do Two Worlds ?
Pleas dont mention that series I loved the game and it seems they have left the rts genre. I have every game in the series.

Indeed -and that's the reason why I don't like this series.
I guess it would sell insanely within Mexico (the country), with all of this "machismo" culture there
Every male I know loves to play the macho hero and save damsels in distress. One reason I love gothic they represent how each sex was treated in a medieval setting. I have Bioware if I want to play the opposite. What is your opinion on today's trend of developing role-playing games? RPGs are simpler than before and the graphics is mostly the most important game feature. And that's wrong, I think. Do you think it is today possible to release a successful old-school RPG at all?

Mike: Play Fallout 3 - or New Vegas - or both. Then you have your answer.
I disagree on fallout 3 but can agree on fallout NV it was done and written by a better studio. Bethesda has problems with npcs and quests that appear in every game they make. As I said before I hope Risen 2 is a game were they use there past experience and hopefully make it better than there other games. I dont want buggy mess that needs years of patches.

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