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Default Best grafix EVAR???

May 24th, 2011, 10:19
I saw sakichop's thread, he posted the following, and because he only wanted positive response, I made my own thread:
The graphic are the best I have seen in a game to date.
I was just thinking about this last night, but in opposite directions. I was thinking that, having seen quite a lot of beautiful console games, the graphics in The Witcher 2 wouldn't even need to get dialed back that much to be able to run on them. A little more pop-in, some lower-quality textures, and you're almost there. My point is, some console games, like Final Fantasy XIII that I had been playing before, are really up there in the graphics department.

Which got me thinking: am I just being too hard on the game here, am I just not seeing it, or is this really the current high-end state of PC graphics? Then I got a little disappointed, because frankly, while the graphics look good, they don't blow me away.

I don't know what I'm expecting. Maybe a little more than just more detail in the scenery and level-of-detail? Revolutionary new effect never seen before? (TW2's lighting effects are pretty nice, of course.) But I can't help but feel that I've seen better graphics in some console games, mostly because of the competent art direction and cinematic design of the developers.
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