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May 28th, 2011, 10:07
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Well well well - the cable company called me up and told me my modem was going to be obsolete in a couple of weeks. Hmph. The thing wasn't even 10 years old yet. Not quite anyway.

I got my new one today. OnLive now works great! I had quite a bit of fun just poking around the "brag clips" and watching some crazy Just Cause 2 clips. It should be a great place to try games out, too. Buying games, though… not a chance.

No idea what it is with the Luddite reaction around here. Have you folks even tried it?
Have I tried it I dont want to the bandwidth usage is one turn off for me thanks to internet caps. The second reason is I dont want to just rent my games. Third reason I spend money on hardware and want to use it. Does that answer your question.
I also post news on Fluent's World on Goggle +.

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