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June 18th, 2011, 23:28
Probably because -ahem- CD Project RED is a European Studio - and probably also because Bioware took the first initial beatings by, among others Fox News. Bioware then, sort of opened the doors, for games rated M or 18+, to include 'partial nude' or 'nude' content as these games were deemed fit to sell to mature e.g. adult gamers over the age of 17+ or 18+ .

Also, probably because the PEGI rating system functions a little bit different than the ESR rating system. If nipples, for instance, is seen in a scene (briefly) or genitalia are seen (briefly) in a scene, the game does not get a sexual content warning. As you see here…ring=witcher+2 Witcher 2
(only) gets rating for bad language and violence, admittedly sexual violence. I wonder what sexual violence is? Is it because you can do combat with the naked and nude succubus?

The Pegi content and assessment form can actually be downloaded from Pegi's site:

If you download it, this is what you will learn:

The depiction of ‘boobs and bottoms’ or pubic hair only will not be treated as visible sexual organs.
And as I understand in both Witcher 1, and Witcher 2, this is the case.
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