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July 19th, 2011, 03:38
Playing *vanilla* BG1. Have to say, resolution is really pain >.> might have another go at BG2 once I'm finished

Also, installing Drakensang soon… looking forward to it.

Should have another crack at ME2 before release of ME3… I hope, hope, hope, it won't be rushed like DA2.

About the romance — I romanced Garrus. He was the only one I liked. In DA:O, I romanced Alistair but I was rather strangely attracted to Ser Gilmore. Tried to play male pc on both DA:O and ME2, but no female companions were so attractive to me

BG2 fan girl
BG2: Eowyn & Anomen
IWD: Orhlanna & Korin
ME: Shepard & Garrus
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