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July 24th, 2011, 12:08
He seemed to have been meticulously planning this for years from his so called manifesto to initiate an open cell-based terrorist organization of knights templars equivalent to radical islamists. His actions are rationalized by passing judgement against the political elements that has enabled, both past, present and future, the accumulated crimes commited by muslims in Europe.

He rants about joining of a secret collective in early 2000. Seems like a load of hogwash given he spent the next years working as a businessman, but eventually went bankrupt, then spent a year doing competetive raiding in World of Warcraft to establish a cover (which certainly explains why his manifesto is full of emotes). Seems more like a tragic figure like Swedens Lasermannen who came from upper middleclass but failed to succeed in life, and instead went looking for excuses, which he found in fjordman & co writings.
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