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Default Major Explosion in Oslo - Pm's office destroyed

July 24th, 2011, 21:01
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I think it's more serious than that. He may very well as he says (as I understand it)
He seems very proud of the fact he was a raid leader and his accomplishments there. A lot of his QA section seemed almost adolescence. I mean, not exactly political manifesto material. His first character was started in march 2006. His character was renamed to Conservatism february 09. Feedback from the people he played with say he was active atleast 3 years doing hardcore raiding for some time period up to january 2010, commenting when returning late 2010 "Dont think I will be raiding hardcore again, as then, I wont be able to stop". Not exactly the optimal thing to engage in when plotting to take over the world since 2000.

His manifesto is also largely just copy & paste from the internet, but edited. The document creation dates march 2011.

His financial problems seems to stem from around 2007-2008.

His farm was registered may 2009.

His commenting on began september 2009.
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