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July 24th, 2011, 21:33
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So sad for these terrible news. My thoughts are with the victims families.

You can be mad and calculating at the same time. You need a sick and mad mind to do these vile things
That depends a bit of what you mean by "mad". When I hear that word, I think "psychosis" (loss of contact with reality). You don't need to be psychotic to do things like these. You need a lack of empathy, which may be associated with psychosis, but is also a significant part of antisocial personality disorders (what we used to call psychopathy).

This may be just about the meaning of words, I suppose many use "mad" in a broader sense than I do, "mentally disturbed"?. I agree with you that you can be disturbed and calculating at the same time, and so I stand corrected.

@hishadow: You may very well be correct, what you say makes sense.

I just don't think we should underestimate him, and those like him - who he afaik hopes to inspire during his trial.

Says pibbur who thinks he may very well use the term "very well" too much.




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