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July 24th, 2011, 23:36
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I think it's more serious than that. He may very well as he says (as I understand it)

- have been planning systematically this for years
- have managed to superficially appear as just another very right-wing person, thereby masking his real intentions
- really think that anyone supporting multiculturalism is a traitor and therefore must be eliminated, and that's just what he methodically did at Ut°ya.

I don't think he's mad. I think he's very calculating, and I think it could be very dangerous to not take him seriously.

I also think I may very well be wrong.
The manifesto is 1500 pages. If nothing else it took him a while to write that. Not that he necessarily had clear goals when he started.

He was certainly more meticulous (according to reports shooting the bodies in the head to make sure they were dead) than other shooters, and had learned about diversion from other terrorist acts. I fear that school shooters and terrorists alike may copy some of his tactics
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