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July 25th, 2011, 14:16
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As a side note, is it true that the max sentence for a crime is 21 years in Norway? I can understand no death penalty but there has to be something for egregious cases like this. Like 93 consecutive murder sentences plus who knows how many attempted murder. Or try him for at least 2 separate acts of terrorism? At least high security psychiatric care for life should be an option I hope. I heard that prosecutors can ask for extensions to the 21 years at 5 year increments.
There are issues with consecutive sentences (e g X number of thefts might add up to a stricter sentence than one murder), which is one reason that Norway doesnt use that.

Mental cases can be locked up indefinitely (but may also be released early if deemed reformed). Whether he gets that or 21 years probably depends on the psych evaluation.

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I don't think that there is anything new to learn from this guy if somewhere were to copy it. He is an unoriginal copycat of 3 US terrorist acts to me. Parts Oklahoma, Columbine and Unabomber.
The individual parts werent innovative (if thorough), but combining old techniques in an efficient way was innovative Picking a new type of soft target was also an innovation as far as terrorism in the west goes. I could imagine this act inspiring islamists getting the inspiration to go after bible camps or similar targets.
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