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July 25th, 2011, 15:29
This has happen before , to a smaller scale yes but it isn't new .
Uncontrolled immigration has filled the extreme right with numerous new recruits who are already mental cases , the chances that some of them will go totally apeshit are slim yet they exist and such events sorry but they have to be expected.

Analysis is okay but i think you are missing the cause and effect point here , if the feeding tube of neonazis is not cut things will get very bad , do not forget that nationalists are already inhabiting our parliaments and their strength is growing.

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That someone is actually able to blame this on Islam is sickening.
You will be much more sick if you take a tour in nationalist forums and see the support this guy is getting , posting condemnation manifests while keep on feeding the beast will only end when the beast eat us all.
I knew that my previous post will insult your democratic feelings but i prefer drastic measures like removing the cause to kill the effect rather than education and tolerance legislation since we all know that it leads nowhere .
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