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July 26th, 2011, 13:25
Playing KotOR with a few mods.

The most significant is "Brother of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge" - which is a huge mod with additional storyline content. I'm not far enough in the game to actually try this mod - but it's something I'm looking forward to.

Beyond that, I just use a widescreen hack and corresponding UI mod for the higher resolution.

The game is as great as it ever was. I consider it the first Bioware game using this particular formula - which means it was very fresh at the time. It's everything Mass Effect TRIED to be - but largely failed at. Ok, so it's not a "cinematic" experience on par with ME - but that's down to being a younger game that needed to run on the original Xbox. If you combine the gameplay of KotOR with the cinematic strength of Mass Effect - you'd get the perfect sci-fi CRPG, at least to my mind.

Obviously, that's not entirely true - but close enough. It provides enough depth and freedom to match my demands here, and it goes above and beyond in terms of story content and dialogue. It's not a "cerebral" game - but then it doesn't really have to be. It's a Star Wars space opera, after all.

In any case, I'm always impressed with the combined package when I go back to this. Especially when I compare it to the much more slick and cool Mass Effect. Just goes to show what matters to me, and what doesn't.
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