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July 27th, 2011, 09:40
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In case you're interested, here's the Europol statistics about attempted or successful terrorist attacks in Europe in 2010.

The most relevant statistic is probably this one:

Islamist: 3
Separatist: 160
Left-wing: 45
Right-wing: 0
Single-issue: 1
Not specified: 40
Total: 249

Some more info from the link provided. Even though the islamists numbers are small teh article PJ provided says this:

Key Judgments

The threat of attacks by Islamist terrorists in the
EU remains high and diverse.

In the past year, several EU Member States have
successfully prevented attacks by Islamist terrorist
groups, which aimed to cause mass casualties. During
2010, 179 individuals were arrested for offences
linked to Islamist terrorism, representing a 50% increase
compared with 2009. Furthermore a higher
proportion of those arrests related to the preparation
of attacks in the EU (47% compared with 10%
in 2009).
Still I have to say Im not worried at all about terrorism in nordic countries or europe in general.

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