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July 27th, 2011, 13:25
The opinions of Fjordman seems to resonate quite well with the killer. Sry, only norwegian text in that link. He's blaming the multicultural-elite, and Labour Party in particular for Norway, for the demise of Europe from its immigration policies. He even goes so far as to call it a conspiracy enacted by the multicultural elite to dilute the white population, and create a new world order. That is maybe tied in with his discussions about IQ, where the general population average IQ is reduced, hence easier to control. There is also mention about oppression in relation to freedom of press on these issues.

Aside, I've been trying to dig up Fjordmans identity but he seems to be hiding quite well (maybe one of these). Edward May (retired IT guy who runs Gates of Vienna) seems to be his main outlet, and he seems to have quite a crowd on the threat of islam from within among ultra-right wing organisations in Scandinavia, Europe, all the way over to the US through the tea party organization.

Also, a member of a French ultra-right wing party hailed the killer. Can you believe it!?!
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